Inara’s team of accomplished and innovative chefs creatively transform meals into inspiring journeys and thrilling culinary experiences with a good settings of the restaurant with their own value and philosophy. We use unique cooking methods that combines local and global flavours with a strong focus on the high quality of ingredients presented in our restaurants.

Papilas Restaurant

Inara Nusa Majesty

Papilas House of Coffee and Pizza is one of the most popular restaurants on the lively side of Nusa Penida. This restaurant started out as a humble coffee shop that offered a warm cup of Indonesian roasted beans and little baked snacks to enjoy. Now expanding to include more variety and a taste of sophistication come the classic Western-style favorites, the Penide Pizzas and the most beloved daily doughnuts.  Start your day afresh with Papilas Pancake, Bubur Penide, or the classic nasi goreng. When it's time to take a dip in the pool, have a light serving of martabak ayam, lumpia goreng, or daily doughnuts. For lunch and dinner, perhaps enjoy your favorite dish from the All Day Menu and/or the Pizzas selections. Papilas House of Coffee and Pizza connects directly to Inara Nusa Majesty, ensuring an easy access for all our guests.

Bumi Muwa Restaurant

Inara Bumi Muwa

The Restaurant at Inara Bumi Muwa features an open-air design to provide a seamless view of the surrounding Balinese landscape. Our exquisite menu selections range from Western staples, to a wide variety of Indonesian and Balinese cuisines to showcase our local culinary specialties.

Additionally, we try to incorporate locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible to support the local communities and deliver the freshest possible ingredients for your dining experience.

The Agrapana Restaurant

Inara Agrapana Beach Villa

The Agrapana Restaurant showcases a truly Balinese cuisine that not only offers you the authentic sensory experience, but also the full health benefits from fresh ingredients. Our chefs were challenged to create a fantastic menu using ingredients which the local ground allowed to grow. For breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, Agrapana restaurants offers all-day dining that will enrich your culinary journey.