Discover the several activities during your stay at Inara. All about a perfect journey and its local people through leisure and traditional immersions that afford glances into the spirited local life, gastronomic journeys and wellness activities that honor the simple basic of living well. There’s something for everyone and will be an experience of a lifetime. Inara is at your service.

Floating Breakfast

Start your day with an unforgettable breakfast served on a floating tray in your very own private plunge pool or while view in our beautiful main swimming pool. Our butler will ‘set sail’ to this three-course gourmet breakfast accompanied by coffee, tea, and juice.

Romantic Dinner

Treat your special one to the most romantic dining experience. With an intimate and romantic setting where mouth-watering set menus, divine dessert, flower pool decoration and wine toasts are waiting to take your breath away and bring you to fall in love again in this beautiful paradise.

Cycling Tour

Feeling adventurous? Why don’t you explore the off beaten path of Balinese village and be mesmerized by the beauty of your surroundings? A bicycle is available for the guest at all time (depending on availability). You can wander off alone, with your loved ones or with your butler. Feel the wind on your hair and in that short moment you are a child again who can find happiness in the simplest thing.

Crafting Balinese Offerings

Experience a piece of Balinese history and culture by crafting your own Balinese Canang, or shrine offering, at Inara Bumi Muwa. Learn the origins and the philosophy behind this iconic Balinese tradition.

Island Tour

Our curated island tour brings you exclusive access to parts of the island that are difficult to reach by cars or motorbikes. We offer a sea journey that circumnavigates the island perimeter, hopping between beautiful and exotic beaches. Alternatively, enjoy the face of the island on land, as we shuttle you across Nusa Penida’s hilly landscape.

Spiritual Tour

One of Bali’s most significant temples is built on Nusa Penida. One unique temple that you will come across in our journey is Pura Goa Giri Putri Temple, a rare Hindu Balinese temple built inside a cave. Experience the ambience that the holy cave brings, marvel at the ancient constructions, and witness religious ceremonies held there. We take you to many different temples and shrines on the island, both iconic and hidden.